About Us

AL HANA Furniture is a professional manufacturer of fabric sofas located in No. 1 industrial area of Umm Al Quwain in the United Arab Emirates.

The company employs an excellent management team to maximize the control of product production costs; employs professional technicians and production teams. To ensure product quality and meet the needs of different customers. So far it has been 7 years, and it has provided quality services to a large number of customers in the GCC countries and has maintained a good long-term relationship.

Our products are not only inexpensive and versatile, they can meet all the needs of customers, and we have perfect after-sales service to provide each customer with a good shopping experience.

The company's fabric sofa upholds the modern casual art style. It decorates our living space with simple lines and bright colors. The fabric sofa reveals a sense of aura and connotation in the space. It is meticulous in taste, warm and intoxicated; it is inexplicably revealed; Not rebellious. The warmth and romance of the home will add many elements to family harmony.

Our fabric sofa has always been pursuing art and fashion, natural and environmental protection, and the perfect combination of introduction and comfort from design, materials, and production processes. The artistic treatment of the styling and the local decoration are all exquisite and exquisite.

Everything is to make your home more comfortable, warm and perfect.

Fabric sofa, we are professional.